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Grunges, Fades & Lounge/Tiki Designs


Grunge Designs

(sorry for the older images, we'll update them soon enough)
Blue Medusa
Blue Swirls
Garden of Eden
Green Swirl

Grunge Flower
Grungy Landscape
New Dawn

Winter Swirls
Grunge Brass
Big Bang
Grunge Eroded

Grunge Grid
Grunge Rust
Grunge Wallpaper
Green Spring
Wispy Green
















Faded Designs

American Granite*
Strata Blue Green*
Strata Purple Orange*
Walnut Black Fade*
Gold Red Black*

Wicked Garden
Rootbeer Fade*
Classic Fade*
Flame Maple Black Fade*
Bubinga Black Fade*

Maple Purple Fade*
Maple Blue White*
Maple Black Fade*
Maple Teal Fade*
White Red White*

Blue Grey Blue*
Red Grey Red*
Blue White Blue*
Grey White Grey*
Red White Red*


Red White Blue*

White Blue White*




Lounge / Tiki Designs

Blue Polynesian
Tahitian Blue Hibiscus
Hawaiian Shirt
Martini Olives


Tiki God
Tiki Mask
Oversized Zebra









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