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Sic•Skinz are the easiest, most cost-effective way to juice-up your old or new drumkit. And best of all... THEY FIT ANY DRUMS BY ANY MANUFACTURER!

We specialize in made-to-fit, made-to-order, single-sheet drum wraps that require no glues and are easy to replace as many times as you wish.

If you're wrapping an older kit, our drum wraps are easy to install, and are made of a high-quality, high-heat, high-pressure laminated print. The wraps do not fade, warp under reasonable conditions, or change the tone of your drums in any way discernable to the human ear (as far as we have tested them). These wraps are made to last, and install right over the top of your existing finish. You can use them to change your look, separate yourself from all those other drummers, and/or protect your old finish at the same time.

Sic•Skinz Custom Drum Wraps are currently being used on Orange County Drums, Medicine Man Drums, Silver Drums, Ddrum, Pearl, Tama, Rogers, Gretsch, DW, Revelation Drums, Sonor, Yamaha, and many more! Please check out our links page to visit the Custom Drum companies that proudly use Sic•Skinz Custom Drum Wraps on their drums and products!

Here are just a few comments from some of our pleased and loyal customers:

"I love the job you did with the wraps and can't wait to get it in front of a big crowd, they are gonna freak! Happy New Year and best of luck with Sic•Skinz in the new year, I love Sic•Skinz!"
- Ron Lipnicki (Overkill)

"I‘m very "OCD" and have trouble finding work that satisfies me. I always seem to find flaws in everything. From the very first phone conversation, I knew Brien was different... he wanted things done RIGHT! He tagged my wraps on the first try, and that's saying a lot. Even the folks at Ludwig were stoked when they saw them for the first time.

Talk is cheap... good work speaks for itself! When I want it done right, I call Brien!"

- Steve Moore

"Sic•Skinz is the only company I use for custom wraps period!"
- Craig Martin, Viper Drum Company

"Hey Brien, in a word AWESOME! My band mates and fans at our shows love the custom wrap. Easy to install and looks great. Thanks again. I highly recommend Sic•Skinz to drummers looking to revamp their stage presence."
-Jeff Wang drummer for The Powerplant (Toronto, Canada)


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