Drummers, isn't it about time you had a drum-set that looked as Bad-Ass
as the way you PLAY?!

Yeah, that's how we saw it, too. That's why we started this business. To help all of our drummer friends to
see their drum set as a "Marquee" or a "Tapestry" to put artwork on... not just like the next drummer on
the bill... who has that same boring pearloid finish. We like our customers to stand out!

Anyway, enough yapping about that. We spent the later part of 2015 working on a Product Video that we
thought might help you all understand a little better, just what it is we can do for YOUR band.

So, without further ado... Check THIS out...

How was THAT for an introduction video, huh?

But, isn't that what being a PERFORMING MUSICIAN is all about? Getting NOTICED? Now you CAN!
Even if you completely suck on the drums, you can still make an impact! Because we may not be able to
help you with your playing, but we CAN help you with the way you are SEEN.

So, take a stroll through our Wrap Designs section of the site and let your imagination run wild!

Designed and wrapped by Sic•Skinz Owner Brien Tomassetti

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Buy this drum Set for only $599 and get free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 US States.
Price Includes all shells, hardware you see, heads as seen in the pic, and tom arms. Price does
not include Sales tax, but that is included in the Buy Now button :)


Some Bands and Artists
we've proudly worked with:

Mike Wengren - Disturbed

Tommy Lee - Motley Crue

Barry Kerch - Shinedown

Shawn Drover - Megadeth

Sean Kinney - Alice In Chains

Travis McNabb - Sugarland

Butch Vig - Garbage

Scott Rockenfield - Queensryche

Shannon Leto - 30 Sec to Mars

Snoop Dogg

B.B. King

Wild Mick Brown - Ted Nugent

Hannah Ford - Prince

Daniel Erlandsson - Arch Enemy

Adrian Young - No Doubt

Tim Yeung - Morbid Angel

Ron Lipnicki - Overkill

Hunter Hayes

Craig Morgan

Alannis Morrisette

Agents of Chaos

Rick Brothers - Gretchen Wilson

Steve Moore - The Mad Drummer

Will Carroll - Death Angel

Lennon Lopez - Rotting Corpse



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